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Nayo Sand, Beige + Specific hair tonic (50 ml)


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Gentle permanent colour

with a creamy texture; contains no ammonia, PPD or fragrance. Delivers perfect coverage of grey hair and intense, brilliant colour results.

  •  Quick and easy to apply
  •  Exceptional performance
  •  Covers grey hair 100%
  •  Lightening up to 4/5 levels thanks to the super-lighteners
  •  Total uniformity of the tone
  •  Extraordinarily long-lasting results
  •  Intermixable shades for personalised results

The Natural series is also available in the 100 ml. size.

The price includes 3 different color degree units.

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If you want to colour tone-on-tone or darken the base: apply the desired shade mixed with the 10-volume activating cream. Leave in place for 35 minutes. To lighten:


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