Doll hair salon

In 2014, we began the wonderful adventure providing our professional service to dolls. Elena Cabezas’ idea is born in New York, inspired by customizable doll shops, and then made Valladolid as a hair salon for dolls.

Pioneers in Europe, we are aware of the importance of providing the highest quality and care standards for our clients. For this reason, we work with specific products according to the conditions and characteristics for the hair of each doll.

We work with specific handmade tools, in order to provide a unique service. In addition to this, we offer a complete styling and repair service for doll hair. If you wish, our youngest clients can get a hairstyle matching with their dolls.

Elena Cabezas team offers our experience at your doll’s disposal to guarantee the best personalized service.

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  1. First of all, we assess you doll condition to make a budget. To estimate the job as close as possible, fill the contact form on the left attaching an actual picture of your doll.
  2. You will receive an email an estimation within two working days. In case of doubt, we may contact you before sending the budget.
  3. Once you accept the budget, we will provide you a number account for the bank transference. To send the doll, use a packaging bigger than the doll, since we will use the same packaging to send it back, taking care of the accessories and styling.
  4. We will send your doll back within 10 days since the delivery.