A fine line between science and nature

Actyva uses more than 40 natural ingredients that work in perfect balance with the latest innovations of the cosmetic investigation.

Gentle and lasting color.

Creamy texture, ammonia, PPD andfragance-free. Guarantees a perfect gray coverage and intense, long-lasting tones.

The professional line for styling connoisseurs. Scents and colors that stimulate your creativity; formulas and textures invent new lines. Versatility and extreme craftmanship to create your own style.

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It is guaranteed that all of our products are natural and organic. Furthermore, In 2013, Kemon obtained certification under UNI EN ISO 22716, which sets good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines for the cosmetics industry. These describe the basic principles for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products with the aim of ensuring the consumer high safety and hygienic-sanitary standards.

Likewise, Kemon obtained diverse certifications that asure their products and services provided comply with the requirements specified.


Kemon has always been committed to safeguarding the environment and the area, carrying out eco-specific projects to minimize the impact of daily production.

Kemon’s Environmental Management System Kemon was certified in 2007 in compliance with the requirements of the International ISO 14001:2004 Standard by the Certification Body SGS Italy SpA. This certification demonstrates Kemon’s real commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its processes, products and services and the reliability of the environmental management system applied. Kemon is constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of its processes and keep energy waste and all environmental aspects under control.